Coverage 32054km
Towns Visited 353
Projects 152
Hospitality Partners 405
CSR 116500ZAR
Next Trip 14 April 2018






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Listening to Africa

“Ex Africa simper aliquid novi”

(Always something new out of Africa)

We often get asked what our impact has been so far this year and what have we done. Some people even say that it looks like ‘a fun holiday’ we have been on or as far as it looks like ‘a journal of a couples honeymoon in Africa’.

Someone once said “in order to understand Africa, you need to live in Africa” and someone else went on to say that “in order to help Africa you need to listen to Africa”, both clearly very wise individuals.


The Pride in Lion Breeding

Before you visit a wildlife center or volunteer on an animal project, question the motives of the organization. The following article was sent to us by concerned citizen:

I have always felt uneasy visiting facilities such as zoos, De Wildt Cheetah Project, the Rhino and Lion Park and other such places, but could not express why I felt this way.  Despite watching tv revelations on the canned lion industry and being totally outraged by such a callous practice, I still did not put two and two together for many years. Then when visiting Zebula in the Waterberg some years ago and watching people streaming into the cub enclosures, the puzzle pieces began to fall into place.  Suddenly, I needed to know what exactly became of these cubs when they became too big to safely interact with humans? The realization dawned that I had fundamentally known the answer but had not been ready to accept the dire truth of the matter.  Ultimately, most of these cubs would end their lives in the rifle sights of some foreign trophy hunter! This was no more than canned lion hunting, only in another guise…


Going on an EXPEDITION

After 6 months of operational planning and 10 years in the making, one of South Africa’s most ambitious and pertinent social/ environmental campaigns launches this month. The EXPEDITION Project will tour the country, visiting 200 towns in 365 days in a bid to revive and inspire a country, a nation, and a continent.


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