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The History of Scottburgh

Scottburgh is known to many as one of the most attractive and popular holiday destinations on the KwaZulu Natal South Coast, but to the average person little is known about the history of the town of Scottburgh and areas surrounding Scottburgh. Scottburgh is situated 58km South of Durban and is laid out on the banks of the Pambinyoni River and is the oldest town on the South Coast. In 1860 Scottburgh was surveyed as a township and named in honor of the Lt Governor, John Scott the then governor of Natal. Shaka, King of the Zulus and his entourage were among some of the early visitors to the now Scottburgh area . Stopping to rest and drink from the nearby spring, he was distracted by the myriad of birds at the mouth of the river beside which Scottburgh was later built. He wondered how on earth each bird would know to which nest it should return and named the river “Mpanbonyoni” which translates to “Confuser of Birds”.


Backed by Place in the Sun Wines, The EXPEDITION Project Hits Halfway Mark

The EXPEDITION Project, a highly innovative social and environmental campaign developed to inspire sustainable change across South Africa, is approaching the halfway mark in its year-long road trip along the perimeter of the country. It is funded by lead sponsor Place in the Sun wines

Capetonian and social activist Roger Wynne-Dyke, who is running the initiative, has traversed 10 000km during the first six months, visiting 100 towns across six provinces. He and his team have visited places as diverse as Aurora, Askham, Garies, Hotazel, Vanzylsrus and Visgat.


It’s the other inconvenient truth.

The intersection of land use, food and environment is an incredible global issue.

Demand for food is skyrocketing. As a result, agriculture has become the largest driver of climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental destruction. Agriculture uses 40% of our earth’s land surface and accounts for 70% of water use. At TEDx Twin Cities, Jonathan Foley shows why we desperately need to begin “terraculture”—farming for the whole planet.


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