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Food, ‘chow’ and ‘kos’ in South Africa

What comes to mind when you think of Sundays in the Western world? Is it lazy mornings reading the paper and drinking coffee? Is it brunch and beer with friends in the pub? Maybe it’s a pyjama and movie day at home with family. In my opinion, quite frankly these all sound quite delicious.

Ask a South African what constitutes a happy Sunday and I’m sure 90% will mention the word ‘braai’. For those that don’t know what a braai is, I will explain. A braai is an all-day social gathering involving family and friends, drinking and cooking food slowly on an open fire made from wood and coal. Some of you I bet will be thinking, ‘so it’s basically a BBQ’. Well my friends, I have to say I would pretty much agree with this statement. Tell a South African that a braai is the same as a BBQ however and you will get a death stare I can guarantee you. 


Tourism versus conservation in South Africa

‘An African Safari’ – something that is on most people’s bucket list. So what does a safari or game drives consist of these days? A 05h30 start, coffee at the lodge of your tented camp and then you join a number of tourists on a game viewing vehicle for a two to three our dawn patrol game drive. This is usually then repeated at dusk.

As part of The EXPEDITION Project in 2012 we are visiting some of the top conservation areas and game reserves in South Africa in order to assess the state of, not only the wildlife, but the combination of conservation and tourism.

Here is a piece from Day 120 of www.theexpeditionproject.com blog:


The state of volunteering in South Africa

Since the 1990’s volunteering or volun-tourism has been become, not just the fastest growing sector in tourism, but the centre of debate both positive and negative amongst charities and travellers. Based around specific charitable causes, this began and grew to privately run projects and soon everyone could participate in the “lets save Africa” approach. Africa being the central point for most volunteering, eventually grew to anywhere and everywhere, however mainly focused on third world countries.


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