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Art and Play the Grahamstown Way - #TEP2013 Route 3

Sunshine, warm weather and Youth Day – perfect justification for a bit of play time! The kids at the Integrated Community Development Program (ICDP) Trust in Grahamstown launched into an enthusiastic trio of gumboot dances to welcome us.
icdp trust 1
© 2013 Lettie Irving Wildlife Photography

The dancing was a break from the usual after-school program, but since today was a public holiday no one minded missing extra reading practice and homework.
icdp trust 2
© 2013 Lisa Scriven | levelle perspectives

Lettie and Lisa ventured over to the sports fields that are on offer to the ICDP Trust kids once a week by Kingswood College to play rugby and netball, and become human climbing frames, which quickly taught them that 3 weeks in a Landy does nothing for fitness levels.

icdp trust 3
© 2013 Lettie Irving Wildlife Photography

For more information about the activities of the ICDP Trust, visit www.icdptrust.com.

Not far away, Vukile Teyisa proudly told us about the plans that have developed for Egazini since The EXPEDITION Project visited last year.
Egazini 3
© 2013 Lisa Scriven | levelle perspectives

Currently Egazini primarily offers production and exhibition space for artists from the Grahamstown area, but it hopes to expand this to include those from across the Eastern Cape in future.
Egazini 1
© 2013 Lettie Irving Wildlife Photography

Egazini also intends to refurbish its current space once the adjacent sports centre is complete, to collaborate with Rhodes University in order to offer an online sales platform for artists in order to reach broader markets, and to ensure that art skills are passed on to youth in the surrounding area.
Egazini 2
© 2013 Lettie Irving Wildlife Photography


The EXPEDITION Project team would like to thank the following for their generous support along the way:

Bartholomews Loft, Grahamstown
Bartholomews loft crop

A Stone's Throw, Grahamstown
A stones throw crop

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