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When possible we invite you to join The EXPEDITION Project on a rare chance to capture an important moment in history or assist with research and development.

In 2012, we lay the foundations of our future expeditions by meeting and analysing projects, towns and organisations all over South Africa. The purpose was to understand how best to work with run our expeditions and where to travel.

In 2013, we ran a conservaton research project for CapeNature as well as connecting with new projects and towns and re-connecting with projects and towns from 2012.

In 2014, South Africa celebrated its 20th year of democracy and hold its fifth national quinquennial election for a new national assembly – we asked for help to capture this and more.

In 2015 to 2017, we revisited some of our projects and towns and began to plot out our primary support areas and routes.

In every trip we take we look for young, adventurous volunteers with an interest and training in all forms of media to assist documenting and capturing progress and development, as well as pitfalls, in South Africa. Besides capturing the expedition with video, photography and stories, we also need our volunteers to help with surveys and interviews in the communities, as well as assist with our static community projects we will be visiting.

Are you qualified or trained in:

  • Film-making and photography
  • Journalism and anthropology

With an interest in:

  • Conservation and the environment
  • Sustainable development and renewable energy
  • Education, human rights and social issues
  • Health services


What should i Expect?

You will be travelling by road with team leaders, volunteers and interns. We have tried to keep the daily drive time to under two hours on average, but even on exceptional cases we will aim not be on the road for more than four hours on any given day. The courses that we have plotted are mostly off the beaten track, but there is no serious bush-whacking involved. The areas we travel through are safe and malaria-free.

Some of our research activities will include conservation, education and health related surveys. We will also be visiting community projects that we identified on our 2012 and 2013 expeditions, so you can look forward to encountering many different cultures. Of course, we will also take time out to enjoy nature and explore attractions like prehistoric rock paintings and animal sanctuaries. Our mission is a serious one, but we believe that fun makes work worthwhile.

We have a clear creative concept for the media we’d like to produce, but it is flexible enough for individual expression and your own fresh ideas.


What it will Cost?

We appeal to the very nature of volunteerism and therefore our internships are free*, provided you can offer your expertise and services to the project. Comfortable shared accommodation (B&B’s, guest houses, hotels, lodge, tented camps and camping), certain some meals, project transport, airport transfers* and project co-ordination will be provided. Certain activities and reserve entrances will also be covered. 

Most of the time, we do need to cover costs and so joining our expedition can cost £1000 (ZAR) / $80 (USD) per day.

Insurance cover and air travel as well as certain accommodation and meals are not included.

* In return for a place on our team all material created will become property of The EXPEDITION Project.


Our expeditions will run for varying lengths. All trips start and finish in Cape Town or Johannesburg, and it is up to you to decide how many days you would like to join us for. Airport pick up and drop off points are conveniently located along the way.

Space is limited, so we can only accommodate one 15kg bag per volunteer. Please bring laptops and cameras to use as part of the project.

Note: No malaria tablets are needed!

Food and Accommodation

Through our project network team-members will be fortunate enough to stay at some of the countries best B&B’ guest houses, hotels and lodges, not to mention world-renown game and nature reserves. The rest of the time you will just have to put up with ‘good accommodation’ and some camping. In the same way food along the way will be a diverse range of local and speciality dishes some included as part of the project.


What is The EXPEDITION Project?

The EXPEDITION Project aims to identify significant social and environmental challenges in South Africa in order to find the best solutions to overcome those challenges. Practically, this means determining the root causes of the issues through hands-on assessments and face-to-face interviews. It also involves noting the successes that communities have achieved, which may be replicated elsewhere or used to inspire and encourage other groups. The EXPEDITION Project connects community projects and enterprises with each other and promotes them through its own media channels. All of these goals are achieved through a series of sustainable annual journeys that are publicised in the media and supported by government and private enterprise.

In its foundation year (2012), The EXPEDITION Project’s main aim was to identify the most pressing issues and the areas of greatest need. It also served as a road test of the project itself, bringing to light the practical and logistical challenges it would need to overcome in order to be effective and sustainable. The 2012 journey ran along the periphery of South Africa – staying off the beaten track allowed it to visit remote communities that are easily neglected and cut off from the resources available in bigger centres. In 2013 we re-visited certain areas from our 2012 trip as well as forging new paths and making new contacts.

While it will mostly stay off the beaten track, The EXPEDITION Project will expand its scope by including a few more well known areas and towns in order to gather a varied annual assessment. It will also increase its effectiveness by implementing the lessons learnt in 2012 - 2017. For example, a bigger team will allow The EXPEDITION Project to drill down into the practical needs it encounters, make an inventory of the resources required and engage suppliers or sponsors to meet those needs.

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