Coverage 32054km
Towns Visited 353
Projects 152
Hospitality Partners 405
CSR 116500ZAR
Next Trip 14 April 2018






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The EXPEDITION Project is an innovative organisation that supports and initiates social, environmental and tourism projects, while also facilitating and overseeing Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives on behalf of corporate organisations.  This mission is executed via annual overland expeditions, which are made sustainable through sponsorships, volunteer tourism and independent media productions. Target demographics include corporate organisations, international special interest travellers, community projects and local small businesses.

The Problems

CSI facilitators generally rely on theoretical assessments of community projects and remote management of initiatives. This is problematic for the following reasons:

  • Without hands-on assessment, a project’s true needs may not be identified and critical factors may go unnoticed.
  • The selection criteria – which are intended to safeguard all parties – may inadvertently exclude worthy projects.
  • The lack of direct follow-up leaves much room for misunderstanding and mismanagement.
  • Community projects are seldom helped practically and often lack the skill to track progress or overcome unforeseen obstacles.
  • Projects in remote areas are often excluded due to their isolation and lack of access to technology.

Volunteer tourism is a rapidly growing but flawed niche market. It is characterised by efforts to integrate volunteers into community projects. Unfortunately, they are often set up unsustainably and with little long term benefit to the community in question. Despite best intentions, such projects may even hinder growth through false promises and erratic manpower and resource assistance. In the worst cases, volunteer tourism operations are simply whitewashed with political correctness in order to benefit only a small minority instead of deserving beneficiaries.

The Solutions

The EXPEDITION Project aims to bridge the gaps in CSI facilitation – not remotely or theoretically, but practically and directly. Careful, first-hand evaluation and monitoring mean that both corporate investors and community projects have someone looking out for them.  It also means that ideal benefactor/beneficiary matches are made. In the process, a vast supportive network is created and a large body of up-to-date data is gathered from which trends can be extrapolated. Its direct involvement and hands-on approach ensure that it achieves the maximum benefits for all parties.

The EXPEDITION Project has reinvented volunteer tourism by taking it on a road trip. This offers volunteers access to a far greater scope of projects and a large variety of cultures and landscapes. It contributes to the sustainability of the organisation through the funds it generates, but it also contributes valuable skills to the team. Volunteers are directly involved in project assessments and practical project support. Additionally, they assist with expedition research, which is a significant aspect of the organisation’s work. They also assist with the creation and publication of media material that gives all stakeholders excellent exposure and networking opportunities.


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