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Top Enviro Stuff

Top Random Facts about . . .Life


  1. Scientists estimate the Earth has existed for about 4.5 billions years
  2. Scientists estimate the earth is about 4.5 billions years old and first began to support life forms approximately 3.7 billion years ago.
  3. While scientists universally believe that naturally occurring amino acids were mediated by nucleic acids to create the first life forms on Earth, the question of how nucleic acids originated from inanimate matter is still being studied today. There is no definitive answer yet as to the origin of life on Earth.
  4. Throughout history, two dominant theories of the origin of life on Earth have prevailed. Abiogenesis, a theory that is now widely discredited, holds that life was and is spontaneously generated from decaying organic matter. The theory of biogenesis, on the other hand, maintains that new life is produced from existing life forms.
  5. The oldest living things on Earth are believed to be single-cell prokaryotes, more commonly known as bacteria. Scientists have discovered fossils of such prokaryotes from roughly 3.5 billion years ago.
  6. The first plant life appeared 430 million years ago and consisted of algae-like growth
  7. Plant life began on the Earth’s landforms about 430 millions years ago. The first plants were likely single-celled organisms distantly related to algae.
  8. The first reptiles began life 300 million years ago, and modern mammals appeared roughly 75 millions years ago.a
  9. Apes originated on Earth about 35 million years ago, and the first apelike men appeared about 10 million years ago.
  10. The modern human species of Homo sapien has existed on the earth for only 100,000 years.


Top Eco Tips for Homes, Schools, Universities & Businesses

Most can go green simply by changing the lights. Schools are the largest part of the non-residential building segment. Replacing the incandescent lighting in our schools with Energy Star rated fluorescent lighting would have a tremendous impact for green living.

  1. Reducing paper usage in schools would be hugely beneficial. Just using both sides of a sheet of paper would cut paper usage by fifty percent. Schools create plenty of waste. Proper waste management through recycling and reuse should be everyone’s goal, including your local school.
  2. Schools can demonstrate their commitment to going green by creating a no idling policy. Turn the buses off while the drivers wait for the children to exit the buildings. Have parents do the same thing, and encourage carpooling, walking, and riding a bike to school instead of driving.


Top Environmentally Unfriendly Myths

  1. Small changes don't matter.
  2. "Green" choices are painful and expensive.
  3. Keeping old appliances is "greener" than buying new.
  4. The U.S. needs more power plants for energy needs.
  5. The cost of your commute is a fixed expense.
  6. At the grocery store, eco-friendly options are expensive.
  7. If an appliance is off, it's not using power.
  8. Hybrid vehicles are automatically better than nonhybrids.
  9. There are millions of vehicles running on ethanol.
  10. There's only one "right" answer to your eco-dilemma

Read more: 10 major myths about living green: Bankrate.com

Top Enviro Songs

  1. Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology):  Marvin Gaye
  2. Big Yellow Taxi:  Joni Mitchell
  3. Paradise:  John Prine
  4. Shapes Of Things:  The Yardbirds
  5. Nature's Way:  Spirit
  6. Don't Go Near The Water:  The Beach Boys
  7. If A Tree Falls:  Bruce Cockburn
  8. Don't Go Near The Water:  Johnny Cash
  9. Mother Earth (Natural Anthem):  Neil Young
  10. I Remember California:  R.E.M.

Source: Yahoo Music

Latest Earth Fact

From a distance, Earth would be the brightest of the planets. This is because sunlight is reflected off the planet's water.

Latest Lifestyle Tip & Idea

Put leaves in a compost heaps instead of burning them or throwing them away.

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