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More Top Water Saving Tips

Try these water saving tips for the home to make a major impact: 

  1. Don’t brush teeth or wash hands, dishes and plates under a running tap. Close the tap, use a plug and catch the waste water for re-use. (Closing the tap when cleaning teeth saves up to 20 litres per month!) 
  2. Try to wash dishes only once or twice a day 
  3. Rinse glasses, cutlery and vegetables in a basin of water, rather than under a running tap 
  4. Regularly inspect taps for drips and repair defective taps. A dripping tap (1 drip per second) could waste up to 30 litres a day (that is equivalent to 10 000 litres a year!) 
  5. Replace tap washers regularly and fit tap aerators to restrict and spread the flow. This saves water yet gives the impression you are using the same amount. 
  6. Regularly inspect toilet-flushing mechanisms for water tightness, internal overflowing and repair defects promptly. A toilet leak can waste up to 30 litres an hour – check if your toilet is leaking by adding a few drops of food dye to the cistern – if the colour seeps into the bowl, you have a leak 
  7. Don’t flush a toilet unnecessarily. Installing a water-saving device in the toilet cistern could save you up to 7 300 litres each year 
  8. Re-use shower, bath and dish water on your garden as often as possible 
  9. Take a three minute shower using a water-wise shower nozzle and turn off the taps when soaping. You can also save the water normally wasted waiting for the hot water to come through by catching this in a bucket to be recycled (in toilet, garden etc.) afterwards. 
  10. Don’t run a deep bath. Share bath water and then re-use it to flush the toilet or water the garden. (A bath uses an average of 160 litres, whereas a three minute shower uses 60 litres!) 
  11. Only use your washing machine and dishwasher on full load 
  12. Regularly inspect for geyser overflows and repair defects promptly 
  13. Ensure your plumbing system is regularly checked for leaks and engage a plumber when necessary
  14. Water saving tips for the garden: 
  15. Water your garden before 10:00 or after 16:00, and only when necessary 
  16. Re-use your bath and sink water to water plants and lawns – professional grey-water recycling systems are also available for purchase 
  17. Mulching flowerbeds keeps down the weeds and holds moisture in the soil for longer. 
  18. Where possible use a mulching lawn mower. This allows clippings to be finely cut and blown back into the lawn 
  19. Don’t cut lawns below 4 cm in length, as this reduces root depth and lawns are more likely to burn in summer 
  20. Use an automatic shut-off nozzle on the hose when you wash the car, and use short bursts of water – this can save up to 300 litres each time 
  21. Use a trigger nozzle on the hose when you water the garden 
  22. Check and maintain your irrigation system regularly, to ensure no water is running to waste, or that paved areas are being watered 
  23. Watering the garden less frequently, but deeper (for longer) encourages a deeper root system, which results in stronger plants. This practice can make water-wise plants out of most established plants
  24. Water saving tips for the industrial and commercial sectors, and schools: 
  25. Automatic flushing urinals are the ultimate water wasters. If they cannot be replaced immediately, turn off the water after hours and over weekends – schools doing this have saved up to R5 000 on their annual water bill 
  26. Use a broom to sweep forecourts and other paved areas. Do not use a hose pipe for this purpose. 
  27. Flush valves should flush for just 2 to 4 seconds and urinals for ± 6 to 8 seconds

Latest Earth Fact

395 million years ago the first amphibians leave the water and onto the safe, air-filled land mass of planet Earth.

Latest Lifestyle Tip & Idea

Growing native and indigenous plants will encourage birds and animals into your garden, providing them with shelter and food.

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