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Towns Visited 353
Projects 152
Hospitality Partners 405
CSR 116500ZAR
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Lifestyle Tips & Ideas

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 127

Buy goods that will last.

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 126

Buy secondhand whenever you can.

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 125

 Share a car — shop with a friend.

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 124

 Use a bike or the bus for your shopping trips where possible.

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 123

Buy the most energy-efficient household appliances.

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 122

Buy furniture made from natural timber that has come from a sustainable source. Look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) symbol.

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 121

Buy organic if possible: organic food and clothing will have been grown without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 120

Buy locally grown food, in season, from your local markets and farm stands. Reduce your food miles — avoid food that has traveled a long way to reach you.

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 119

Hang out the washing to dry rather than tumble drying it

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 118

Do your weekly shopping in a single trip

Latest Earth Fact

About 400 billion gallons water is used worldwide each day.

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