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Lifestyle Tips & Ideas

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 189

Switch to a digital organizer for tracking your to do's and grocery lists.

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 188

If you print documents, print on once-used paper and/or bleach-free, recycled paper with the highest post-consumer waste content available (or hemp/alternative-source paper, if you can afford it)

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 187

Purchase bleach-free, toilet paper that is made from the highest post-consumer waste content you can find (80% minimum)

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 186

Replace paper napkins with cloth napkins

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 185

Share things like books, magazines, movies, games, and newspapers between friends and neighbors.

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 184

Buy used products whenever possible.

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 183

Wherever possible, replace disposable products with reusable ones (i.e., razor, food storage, batteries, ink cartridges (buy refill ink), coffee filters, furnace or air conditioner filters, etc.).

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 182

Reduce Purchases: In general, think before you buy any product - do you really need it? How did the production of this product impact the environment and what further impacts will there be with the disposal of the product (and associated packaging materials)?

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 181

Simplify: Simplify your life as much as possible. Only keep belongings that you use/enjoy on a regular basis. By making the effort to reduce what you own, you will naturally purchase less/create less waste in the future.

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 180

Go Zero Waste

Latest Earth Fact

370 – 300 million years ago great swamps, forests and ferns and early conifers start to store carbon – the origin of our coal. This is the Carboniferous period.

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