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Lifestyle Tips & Ideas

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 199

Start a compost pile with yard trimmings and food scraps.

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 198

In general, try to buy products/containers made from recycled material as often as possible to support the recycled product market.

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 197

Help Launch Sustainable Packaging!

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 196

Create designated holding "bins" for each type of recycled product and place in convenient locations in your home/garage.

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 195

Buy products that will last and take care of them.

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 194

Organize a community swap program (i.e., designate a place where people can leave unwanted items for others to use).

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 193

Donate and buy used.

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 192

Leave messages for family members/roommates on a reusable message board

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 191

Create and use note pads from once-used paper

Lifestyle Tips & Ideas 190

Reuse envelopes, wrapping paper, the front of gift cards (as postcards) and other paper materials you receive wherever possible

Latest Earth Fact

370 – 300 million years ago great swamps, forests and ferns and early conifers start to store carbon – the origin of our coal. This is the Carboniferous period.

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