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Earth Facts

Earth Facts 151

The Nile, in Africa is the Earth's longest river. It is 6,695 kilometers (4,160 miles) long.

Earth Facts 150

The Pacific Ocean is both the Earth's largest and its deepest ocean. The Pacific Ocean covers an area of 166,241 square kilometers (166,241,000 square miles). At its deepest, it is 10,920 meters (35,826 feet) deep.

Earth Facts 149

The Earth has an average diameter of 12,742 kilometers (7,926 miles)

Earth Facts 148

The Earth is 4.6 billion years old

Earth Facts 147

The magnetic South Pole shifts about 5 miles (km) a year and is now located at about 66°S and 139°E on the Adélie Coast of Antarctica.

Earth Facts 146

If Antarctica were to melt, the sea level would rise over 200 feet.

Earth Facts 145

Although local temperatures fluctuate naturally, over the past 50 years the average global temperature has increased at the fastest rate in recorded history.

Earth Facts 144

Rising sea levels, also caused in part by rising global temperatures, intensify storm damage along coasts.

Earth Facts 143

Arctic's perennial polar ice cap is declining at the rate of 9 percent per decade.

Earth Facts 142

Eventually we will be thrown back into another Ice Age.

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