Coverage 32054km
Towns Visited 353
Projects 152
Hospitality Partners 405
CSR 116500ZAR
Next Trip 14 April 2018






Schedule 2014


Year Three – 2014
"Expansion:  Beyond Borders"


To further expand the project by:

  • increasing its geographical scope globally;
  • launching various spin-off projects.



The team members will return to their home countries, giving The EXPEDITION Project's global reach.

    This will lead to ongoing projects such as:
  • Yearly Expeditions
  • Expedition Blogs
  • Interviews
  • Clothing Label
  • Paintings / Drawings Auction
  • Photographic Journal
  • Story Book / Novel
  • Documentary
  • Reality TV Show
  • Local Food Book
  • Local Wine & Drink Book
  • Local History (Then & Now) Book – "50 Views on South Africa / 50 Years in South Africa"
  • Gap Year Student Expeditions
  • Expedition Café
  • Expedition Travel Centre
  • Self-Sufficiency / Sustainable Showcase Homes & Business
  • Online Expedition Team
  • Expedition Competition / Race Around South Africa
  • Integration with www.beachfestival.co.za

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395 million years ago the first amphibians leave the water and onto the safe, air-filled land mass of planet Earth.

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