Coverage 32054km
Towns Visited 353
Projects 152
Hospitality Partners 405
CSR 116500ZAR
Next Trip 14 April 2018






Schedule 2013


Year Two – 2013
"Implementation:  Work It Out"


  1. To expand the project by:
    • increasing its geographical scope within South Africa;
    • enlisting the assistance of international volunteers, including various specialists;
    • forming two expedition teams.
  2. To record, publish and evaluate the gathered information as per Year One.
  3. To follow up and reassess the locations visited in Year One.
  4. To launch a nationwide competition to identify promising entrepreneurs and future sports stars.



Routes & Team Members:

Departing from Cape Town, Team One will travel along the west coast and Team Two along the east coast. The teams will meet north of Johannesburg and travel southwest through the interior of South Africa back to Cape Town.

    These routes will ensure that:
  • lesser known areas will be visited;
  • new ground will be covered;
  • it will be possible to follow up on the locations visited in Year One.
      Local and international participating team members will encompass an experienced and versatile 2nd year team including the following (proposed):
    • Doctor – research health needs and run TB, HIV check-ups / awareness
    • Nurse – first aid needs
    • Zoologist / Environmentalist – situation of environment and animals
    • Sportsman – looking for future stars by means of a nationwide challenge / competition
    • Archaeologist – areas of interest
    • Mechanic – vehicle maintenance
    • Teacher – education needs
    • Chef – food needs and look for national dishes
    • IT – communication needs
    • Director – film documentary
    • Photographer – photographic journal
    • Entrepreneur/Businessman – new business opportunities and looking for future stars by means of a nationwide challenge / competition
    • Writer – daily journal
    • Artist – daily portraits / paintings and sketches
    • Architect – development of energy efficient homes and businesses
    • Gardener – Implementation of self-sufficient gardens
    • Crew – Leader; Driver(s); Film Crew x 2; Medic


Tasks & Aims:

The following sub-projects will be launched where relevant:

Environment Life
Culture Business

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