The CAREER Project

Empowering people to create careers and identifying potential young entrepreneurs and future sports stars.

‘Live to work, don’t just work to live’ is one of The EXPEDITION Project’s core philosophies. On average, we spend one third of our lives working. That amounts to around 2000 hours a year! Doesn’t it make sense to do something you enjoy? Or at least something you believe is worthwhile? We believe it does!

Rapid population growth has put the South African government under pressure to create millions of jobs and it has promised voters that it will do just that by 2015. The danger in pursuing this worthy goal is that short-term solutions become very tempting. This will lead to an increase in nuclear and fossil fuel facilities, as well as the exploitation of our natural resources – all in the name of satisfying the public and growing our economy. We believe there is an alternative: Innovation can create sustainable employment that will also address pressing global concerns like renewable energy.

We will be undertaking this mammoth task by recruiting local and international team members to perform daily expedition tasks.

More and more young adults are looking for meaningful ways to spend their gap year, but this project is not just for high school graduates. It is also ideal for retirees and anyone on a career break, school holiday or study break. If you have a month or a year to spare, our projects need your passion and experience. Our teams and annual journeys require anything from a mechanic to a doctor. You are the potential we are looking for!

Local and international members will make up experienced and versatile expedition teams from 2013 onwards!

We are looking for the following international team members for our 2013 expedition and beyond:

  • Doctor – Research health needs and run TB & HIV check-up/awareness campaigns
  • Nurse – Handle first aid needs
  • Zoologist / Environmentalist – Monitor environment and animals
  • Sportsman – Looking for future stars through a nationwide competition
  • Archeologist – Explore areas of interest
  • Mechanic – Vehicle maintenance
  • Teacher – Identify educational needs
  • Chef – Handle food needs and identify noteworthy local cuisine
  • IT Specialist– Handle communication needs
  • Director – Film documentary
  • Photographer – Record a photographic journal
  • Entrepreneur – Identify new business opportunities & future stars through a nationwide competition
  • Writer – Record a daily journal
  • Artist – Create daily portraits, paintings and sketches

We are looking for the following South African team members in all our ongoing projects:

  • Team Leaders
  • Drivers
  • Film Crews
  • Medics
  • Mechanics
  • Teachers
  • Social Workers
  • Sports Coaches
  • Students – Sociology, Media, Music, Medical, Archeology, Business, African Languages, Sports Science – in fact just about any student will have a part to play!


    Choose your area of interest via our project categories and then sign up for the ride of your life!


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