“Picture for a moment, a world in which freedom, peace, solid environmental policy and co-existence are a given. Now picture our world as it is at this moment in time…

Sometimes connecting a dream to reality takes nothing more than veering off onto a dirt road for a while. But what instigates that slight change, that sudden turn? Is it fantasy? Is it necessity? Is it force? Or is it encouragement?

Humanity is poised at a critical fork in the road and we have two choices: Maintain our current direction or take a slightly different path and find a future in which we are all we can be, living our potential in positive environments surrounded by the vastness of possibility.

Will you join us on our EXPEDITION towards making our dream THE reality?”

~ Roger Wynne-Dyke

The EXPEDITION Project’s aims are ambitious. Its scope is vast. But its vision is grounded in years of hands-on experience and professional attention to detail. 

Our firsthand experience of working with underprivileged communities has done away with any illusions we may have started out with. And yet, we have emerged more hopeful for the future. Where obstacles stand in the way of meaningful change, we see opportunities for creativity and growth. Where resources are scant, we see potential to use what is right here at hand.

Our mission, and the mission of this entire project, is to empower and inspire people to create a better future by using the only time we have: now.

If you would like to get down the real facts and figures as to what we are all about then read The EXPEDITION Project Prospectus 2013

Watch our 2011 Documentary Trailer: Life is The EXPEDITION Project


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