FAQs from Followers

  • Can I suggest communities or projects that need assistance?

    Yes please! If you know of a current or proposed project that needs support or exposure, let us know. The same applies to any change-maker or community that deserves attention.
  • How can I join The EXPEDITION Project team?

    There are many ways to be part of The EXPEDITION Project. You can become a hands-on team member for part of our journey or simply spread our message in your social network. Follow our progress and let us know what you are doing to bring meaningful change to your world. We also need sponsors and investors to keep the dream fired up! Anyone with a passion for the earth and its inhabitants can add something to The EXPEDITION Project.
  • How is The EXPEDITION Project funded?

    Sponsors and investors fund the EXPEDITION Project – they are crucial to the longevity of our projects. In return we give corporate investors a fantastic medium to promote their CSI (Corporate Social Investment) initiatives.
  • Why don’t you just give the money straight to needy communities instead of spending it on this project?

    Since The EXPEDITION Project’s aims are long-term, it needs continuous attention if it is to be sustainable. To achieve this, we need supporters worldwide in the form of manpower, sponsors and investors.
  • Is ‘The EXPEDITION Project’ an NPO (Non Profit Organization), charity, NGO (Non Government Organization) or just another corporate feel-good campaign?

    The EXPEDITION Project is not an NPO or charity although it does base its operations on similar principals. Although it relies on corporate support, it is not a superficial mission to make big business look good.

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