FAQs from Followers

  • If a community or individual has a similar idea, could it be incorporated into this project?

    Most definitely! We want to inspire and encourage you to not only join us, but also to design and create your own version of The EXPEDITION Project, no matter how small.
  • Is there an ultimate end result, or is it an ongoing thing?

    Our work will never be done. Unless it becomes possible to travel to the farthest reaches of our universe!
  • Who in the communities will benefit from this?

    Our aim is to benefit everyone. The point of this project is not to categorise people, but to inspire, empower and create awareness. This means anyone can and will benefit from The EXPEDITION Project.
  • Once you leave a town, who will take responsibility for the continuing the work you started?

    In our foundation year, we will identify individuals, communities and projects to continue the work. In this way, they will become The EXPEDITION Project team members within their own communities.
  • What will happen after the 2012 EXPEDITION?

    The EXPEDITION Project doesn’t end there! We aim to create ongoing annual teams venturing into many countries across the globe. We will lay the foundation in 2012, but that is only the beginning!

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